The W. E. Best Book Missionary Trust distributes the written works of W. E. Best (1919-2007) based on his sermons from over 65 years of pastoral ministry.

The works of W. E. Best are based on the text of the Bible and biblical truth. They contain a treasure trove of truth about the nature of God, the person and work of Jesus Christ, God’s ultimate sovereignty and power, the order of salvation, God’s work to regenerate spiritually dead people and make them alive, and the conversion that occurs when God imparts faith. These truths are not mere theological niceties; they are essential for a person to respond to God with wonder, adoration, obedience, and glad service.

These books, rooted in theology, are made available at no cost to assist Christians who are seeking to understand and live out the whole counsel of God revealed in His Word.

As of December 2018, we no longer ship printed books.

On this site you will find 22 books and 3 pamphlets in English. On our Spanish language site, you’ll find many of these works translated into Spanish.

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The materials are available free of charge in five different ways: